About Me

An aspiring curmudgeon as well as a writer, Jamie was blessed to grow up on a farm in central Missouri. An only child with hundreds of acres to explore – a rifle, a fishing pole and a book were his constant companions (after chores, of course). Thirteen years in the Army followed high school graduation, then a career in IT where he learned to deeply despise the vast majority of technology, cell phones (the devil’s spawn) and the “World Wide Web” (with the singular exception of Amazon’s Kindle; Kindle Books is truly a gift from the gods).

He’s an avid reader, never more than an arm’s length away from his Kindle or iPad which is always loaded with dozens of “read-right-now” titles. He’s diligently (well, at least he intends to be) working on a fantasy series which started when he decided to write out the continuing story he’d been mentally using for years as a sleep aid to relax him before bedtime. Two writing groups have enthusiastically endorsed the project, but the exigencies of life tend to get in the way. It’s only been … uh, a few years … since he started, so there’s no hurry (although his characters are again starting to nudge him a bit more and more to get on with things) … right?

Jamie and his Bride of 29+ years currently reside in northern Utah, in a small valley with a 360-degree view of the Uintah mountains. He’s an extremely proud dad of the most perfect daughter in the world, and an overly indulgent Papa to her amazing children. Weekends are spent (if the fish aren’t biting) finishing an off-grid mountain cabin with the goal of relocating to it in the very near future, once this writing gig hits the big time.